The Compass of Grace is how we describe the understanding of Embodied Grace in the language of our Christian roots.

It is how we can follow in “The Way.”

It is your birthright…cropped-Compassway.jpg

This life practice is deeper than self help, simpler than any system you have studied...

More powerful than anything else you can read…

Find out more about how you embody your consciousness than you have ever known..

Use this understanding to improve everything in your life…

We are all convinced that we are separate. That separation is the root of our duality, our struggles, and our strife. Learn about The Triple Compass Map. Find out how with no equipment beyond your own body, you can choose to rise above this separation and enter 8 flavors of unity called The Compass Way.

The Compass Of Grace is a mission of Christ the Healer UCC, a 501c3 charitable organization. Your contributions are tax deductible and we appreciate them very much.

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